Lycia surprised us with a new video from last year’s modern comeback classic “Quiet Moments” entitled “Grand Rapids”. CHECK IT THEN SHARE IT

Cindytalk “touchedRAWKISSEDsour” coming in April.

Cindytalk “touchedRAWKISSEDsour” coming in April.

BARREN HARVEST “Subtle Cruelties” LP/CD is now available for preorder.

The LP is available in audiophile black, and solid gold, and in an ultra limited edition clear with autumn leaves pressed in. A CD version is also available. During this preorder only, you may also add Preterite’s “Pillar of Winds” CD on for just $5!!!!

The AV Club has written thoughtfully about Barren Harvest’s upcoming “Subtle Cruelties” album and posted a track premiere of “Claw and Feather”. CLICK TO HEAR/SHARE

Barren Harvest "Subtle Cruelties"

limited vinyl with autumn leaves pressed in

BARREN HARVEST “Subtle Cruelties” - March 25, 2014

BH is Jessica Way/Worm Ouroboros and Lenny Smith/Atriarch

Art by Kevin Gan Yuen

FACT MAG has posted the title track from the new Prurient 7” “Washed Against the Rocks”. CLICK TO HEAR/SHARE then BUY the vinyl in limited color